The Great Bucket Rescue

Buckets We have had the opportunity to save hundreds of buckets from the landfill on an ongoing basis.  This is something to good to pass up!

The buckets are:

  • Food Grade
  • 15 litres
  • With lids

How can you say not say YES PLEASE to that!

Now what do we do with all these buckets?  I am so pleased you asked!


CHBokashi Kit


Starter kits consist of a set of Bokashi buckets, an ice cream container, instruction and information sheets, and 100 grams of Bokashi activator.  All that for $10!

A second set of buckets is available for $5

Need some activator?  Bring your own container, activator is $1 per 100 grams – you can by as much or as little as you would like.

CHBucket o’ Worms

Our little worm farms consist of three tiers of buckets, with tap, lid, and instructions.  All this for $15

Expand your worms with extra buckets at $2.50 a bucket.




Sometimes folks just want a bucket!  Most of our 15 litre buckets are food grade and fully seal-able.  Perfect for storage, pet food, spare seats at BBQs   😆

These are available for $2.50 per bucket and lid.

Money from the sales of kits and buckets allows us to provide CHBokashi, and CHBucket o’ Worms to schools FOR FREE.  – so that kids get to learn the awesomeness of being sustainable and reducing waste.

If you’d like any of our buckets or bucket related products, Or would like to on-sell our beautiful buckets please contact us

You can pop in to Amarvia Blue in Waipukurau!  and buy our rescued buckets …

CASH ONLY please.  – No EFTPOS.

Huge thank you to Debbie and Phil Harris for helping with the GREAT BIG BUCKET RESCUE!