About Us


I am a web designer based in Waipukurau.  A mother of four and Oma to four.  I enjoy DIY, most recently building pallet furniture  (You’ll see some examples on this site).  I have become increasingly passionate (or dispassionate) about the sort of chemicals used on the food we eat, and the cleaners we use on ourselves and around our home!  It is often cheaper to buy canned or frozen fruit and vegetables than it is to buy fresh, this disturbs me.  Add to this a nagging worry about the impact we have on our gorgeous environment here in the CHB…  I didn’t want us to just live better, I wanted us to live *smarter*.  The solution it seemed was simple – start a garden, make your own cleaners…  Easier said then done!  The questions started:  What can go in compost?   🙄  When do I plant peas?  What can I use on *this* thing?  How can I make *that* thing?  Where do I go to get…?  And most importantly:  Does it WORK?  After surfing many websites and finding a bit of information here, and little tit-bit there, my solution was to create this website, a one-stop-shop for all things sustainable within the CHB.  Along the way I have been lucky enough to meet some really awesome people who not only share my passion but actually know what they are doing (bonus)!  Through the website and our Facebook page I hope that I will meet many more  😎  So if you are just starting on a sustainable journey, come, join me, and we shall journey together 🙂