Blackberry Jam (Aunt Daisy)

Jam setting hints:

Once sugar has been added jam must be boiled to ‘setting point’  there are a couple of ways to figure this out:

  • Using a sugar thermometer boil until it reaches 105 degrees
  • Drop a few drops of jam onto a cold plate.  Once the jam is cold it should form a skin that wrinkles when pushed with your finger  (Reduce heat on jam while you are running the test so as not to overcook)
  • Using a chilled spoon dip it into the mixture and pour it slowly back into the pan.  If it drops back in a sheet rather than drops it is ready.

Blackberry Jam (Aunt Daisy)


  • 1 kg Fruit
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 1 cup Water


  • Boil fruit and water together for 30 minutes squashing the fruit down as you go (a potato masher works well)
  • Add sugar and boil until; it sets (20-30 minutes)