Easy Peasy Toilet Cleaner

Dirty Dunny?  Lousy Loo?  Terrible Toilet?

Here is a simple cleaner:

½ cup Citric Acid

½ cup Baking Soda


2 tablespoons of Borax

A few drops of essential oil (for example Lavender)


Mix your ingredients together and store in and air tight container.

Add 2 tablespoons of powder directly into your toilet.  (It should fizz).

Leave to sit (you can even leave it over night for a deep clean).

A quick scrub with your toilet brush and flush and you are done.

No hard scrubbing, no harsh chemicals!


These can be made into ‘bombs’ using the same method as the bath bombs if you want aesthetically pleasing toilet cleaner.  Personally I just left it as loose powder (But stored it in a pretty airtight jar)  😎


For really tough toilet stains:

½ cup Borax

White vinegar

Mix into a paste and apply directly onto stains.  Allow to sit (or leave overnight).  Scrub with toilet brush.