Cape Gooseberry

Physalis peruviana

Native to Brazil, naturalised to Peru where it was named.

“Cape” either from the Cape of Good Hope in South Aftrica where it arrived in the 19th century or from the cape that surrounds the fruit.

Robust plant.  perennial

Hardy to about -2 degreeds C

Grows to 1 metre high

Frost tender

Fruits in summer-autumn

Plant in full sun in well drained soil

Can be grown in pots

Prune back hard in spring to encourage new growth.

Does not need a lot of care – in fact too much fertiliser and it will fail to produce flowers or fruit

Fruit ripens over long periosFeb-Oct

Fruit can be harvested from the plant of from the ground

Golden orange colour of fruit will be visable throught cape when ripe

Helps to deter birds