Fragaria vesca

Grows on the fringes of woodland areas

Over 40 wild species

Fragaria ananasssa – Pineapple strawberry

It is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside

A member of the rose family

Keep birds off

Plenty of sun

No weed competition

Slightly acidic soil

Not high in nitrogen

Plant in spring and sutumn

Water immediately

Grow on mounds using black plastic as a soil heater, weed suppressant and to keep fruit off the ground.

Pine needles or straw could also be used

Prone to collapse from fungal or viral infestation

Mulch with seaweed or a seaweed fertiliser will help against fungal infections.


Good drainage to prevent root disease

Plant in ridges/mounds

Grow in an open sunny spot with plenty of airflow

Mulch wwith black plastic, weedmat, straw – this not only prevents moisture loss but keeps fruit off the soil

Feed at planting and again in October

Remove runners to encourage better fruiting

Water at ground level (not on fruit or leaves) and water well.

Grey mould – botrytis happens in wet weather

Leafspot – copper spray late August/Septemner

Slugs and birds – bird netting or anti-bird ribbon