Garden Safety

Soil And Organisms

Legionnaires Disease – Legionella bacteria is found in mosit condtions including commercial compost.  It is a form of pneumonia.

To avoid:  Open bags of potting mix/compost in a ventalated area.  Avoid breathing in when opening (hold your breath or turn your face away).  Wash hands well after gardening.

Tetanus – is a bacteria present in soil and animal manures.  It can cause stiffness in neck and upper torso and high temperature.

To avoid:  Immunisation.  Cover cuts and open wounds when gardening.

Toxoplasmosis – found it cat faeces.  If ingested can enter bloodsteam

To Avoid – wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly afterwards



Stinging Nettle – Likes moist areas and sheep manure.  Causes itching, redness, pins and needles

Wash affected area with soap and water.  A paste of bakign soda and water may help.  In severe cases hydrocortisone cream may be requires.

Poisonous plants – Such as Oleander

Allergy Causing plants – know your triggers!  (Mine is geranium)  – either avoid those plants or stock up on Hayfever medication

For both Poisonious and Allergy causing plants – consider removing the plants, store bulbs and seeds safely, wear appropriate protective gear)

Insect Bites and Stings

Wasps and Bees – Wasps do not leave their sting behind and can sting again and again!  Apply a cold pack to the area.  Seek urgent medical attention if swelling is severe.

Spiders – Katipo and redback spiders are rare.  Tunnel web spider bite can cause pain and swelling.  White tails are just nasty!  if in doubt seek medical attention/

To avoid:  Be aware that some perfumes and body lotions may attract bees or wasps.  Wear suitable footwear and gloves.