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Borago officinalis



During the 1600s in Europe flowers were added to wine to dispel sadness and relieve boredom.


Borage grows readily from seed and once established will pop up freely around your garden. Young seedlings with their distinctive green / grey / furry leaves are easily transplanted to any warm free draining site.

Grows to 30 – 50 cm high


Grows well in most soil types and require little attention.

Fun Facts

Borage as a symbol of courage,and the flower was often embroidered onto handkerchiefs and given to knights before a jousting tournament.


Borage is high in nutrients and a great plant to feed your chickens for its calcium content.

The young leaves have a mild cucumber flavour, but it is the flowers that are most often eaten in salads and to decorate cakes and drinks.

The flowers are also great for attracting bees to your garden.  Plant around your fruit trees to attract pollinators.