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Anthriscus cerefolium syn. A. sativum



Another member of the Apiaceae (prev. Umbeliferae) family. Native to southern and western Asia, but now naturalised in many parts of Europe, Britain, and North America.

It is a traditional part of the french ‘fines herbes‘ mix.


Best sown directly where they are to grow. Too much heat will cause plants to bolt to flower prematurely.  Ensure they have a cool lightly shaded spot in our typical summers. Can handle frost to minus 10 degrees.  Try sowing in autumn for harvesting through the winter.


Mainly valued for its leaves which can be added to salads, or used as a garnish.

Added to omelettes and dishes such as stews and soups. They have a mild parsley / aniseed like flavour. Add leaves toward the end of cooking as too much heat will destroy the flavour.

Another great plant for attracting beneficial insects.