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Symphytum (uplandicum, officinale, asperum)



Comfrey is an easy to grow perennial species that has become popular (at least in New-Zealand) as a Permaculture plant because of its many uses. Leaves of comfrey are commonly used to make organic fertilisers because of its ability to take up a range of nutrients particularly Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. It is also used medicinally, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Knitbone’ for its healing abilities. It can be eaten in very small amounts but their are concerns about its toxicity if eaten regularly. The flowers are also loved by bees especially bumblebees.


Comfrey is very easy to grow and can become a weed. It does not set viable seed, but very small pieces of root will grow. It is best to be absolutely sure where you want it to grow. If it is moved it is difficult to not leave some root behind.