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Tanacetum pathenium (formally: Chrysanthemum pathenium



Feverfew is an easy to grow perennial member of the Daisy family. Feverfew has commonly been used in the treatment of migraine, and to reduce fever. It is also a natural fly repellent – grow close to open doors.  Leaves are bruised to release a pungent oil that repels flies.  or dry leaves and place in sachets.


A perennial which can grow up to 1 metre high. Terminal clusters of small, white-petaled daisies with yellow centres, are followed by small seed 3mm long. These seeds, if not picked, will fall and self-seed readily. Propagation can also be done by cuttings or root division. The plant will grow in sun or shade, and adapts to a wide range of soils and climates. An attractive plant when in flower, it is often seen in cottage gardens, but performs equally well grown in a large pot.


***Feverfew can affect blood clotting so don’t take if you are on any Warfarin type drugs. Its strong scent can also act as a deterrent to garden pests. Try the leaves in garden sprays. Cut flower stems placed in a vase in the house are long lasting and can also act as a fly repellent. For migraine a couple of leaves eaten in a sandwich are said to help. Don’t chew the leaves on their own as they can cause mouth ulcers.