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spotted dog

soldiers and sailors

jerusalem cowslip

Bethlehem sage

Memeber of the borage family

in the early 17th century

Pulmonaria officinalis

contains mucilage – soothes inflammation

saponins – promotes exportoration

tannins – astringent and toner

allantoin – tissuee repair

Vitamin C

hardy perennial

attractive groundcover

rootstock divides in autumn or after flowering for propogation

ideal for planinting under deciduous trees

slugs and snails are partial to the young leaves

flowers are edible – great in salads

extract of lungwort is a herb that flavours vermouth

tea:  1 cup of lungwort 2 tablespoons of fresh lungwort leaves or one of dried.

Cover and infuse for five minutes

strain add honey.

up to 3 cups a day. to reduce inflammation in respiratory passages or pulmonary complaints.



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