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Origanum spp



Origanum is a genus of about 40 species. Three species are particularly well known for their culinary, ornamental, and medicinal values. These species are known as sweet marjoram (O.marjorana) pot marjoram (O. onites) and wild marjoram or oregano (O. vulgare) 

Sweet and pot marjoram are native to the Mediterranean region with oregano originating further north towards Asia.

All have a pleasant sweet spicy aroma when crushed, with sweet marjoram being the most popular due to it’s more delicate flavour.


Marjoram is easy to grow and thrive on sunny well drained soils. They make useful ground-covers, and are attractive in the ornamental garden as well as the herb garden. Prefer a neutral to alkaline soil, so will benefit from lime. Can be propagated from seed sown indoors (lightly cover seed) and planted out once soil has warmed (late spring) Cuttings or divisions can be taken in spring. Trim plants back in early spring.


Marjoram goes well with tomatoes, egg dishes, potato and bean salads. Popular in soups stews dips, and herb butters. Also popular as a stuffing for poultry, on Pizza, and pasta dishes. Leaves are rich in vitamin K and also have C and A. High in Iron, Calcium, and Manganese. Contain significant amounts of antioxidants.