Medicinal Herbs

Before using any plant ensure it has been properly identified and is spray free

Hot Compress

1 teaspoon fresh or 2 teaspoons dried herb.  Place in a non metal bowl.  Pour over two cups of boiling water.  Allow to cool enough so a cloth can be soaked.  Squeeze out.  Apply to effected area.  Can be reheated and reused for a day

Cold Compress

Prepare as for a hot compress.  Aloow to cool completely.  Cna be strained and refrigerated for later use

Herbal Infusion

For each cup use 2 teapoons of fresh herbs or 1 teaspoon of dried.  Place in a  teapot or jar.  Pour over boiling water.  Cover.  infuse 54 minutes. Strain


Prepare as for infusion.  Make in a shallow bowl.  Bend over bowl with towel over head.  Inhale steam.


Calendula officinalis.  Annual flower.  Requires dead heading.  Use dried petals in an infusion (cold) for bites and stings


Rosemarinus officinalis.  Pick tips off and make a hot infusion – tea.  Soothes migraines and shingle pain.  Warm compress will ease neuralgia


Mentha piperita Fresh tips in a hot drink to ease indigestion and headaches.  Harvest and dry before it dies off in winter

Aloe vera

Aloe vera..  ‘First aid plant” in the USA.  Cut leaf applied to burns or sunburn is soothing


Foeniculum vulgare.  Wind, colic, flatulence can be eased with a hot drink.  Harvest seeds for use in winter


Symphytum officinale.  To treat wounds cut leaf into small pieces, pour boiling water over.  Warm compresses applied to rashes and grazes.  For sprains and strains a cold compress

German Chamomile

Matricaria recutita.  Harvest flower head and dry.  As a hot drink chamomile flower infusion hulps with hayfever and stress.  Allow this to cool and soak pads, place over eyes to soothe sore or itchy eyes

Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis

Best used fresh.  Use as a destressing hot drink.  Also helps indigestion.


Thymus vulgaris.  Leaves are both antiseptic and antibiotic.  Use fresh or dry.  Sip hot infusion to relieve symptoms of sore throats and coughs


Salvia officinalis.  Similar properties to thyme.  Combine 1 teaspoon each of sage, thyme and chamomile for inhalation.


Herbs for winter wellness

Pizza Thyme (Thymus nummularus and Sage (Salvia officinalis) have strong antiseptic properties.  Gargle for sore throats:  4-5 sage leaves and a handful of thyme and cover with boiling water.  Cover and steep.  Strain and gargle.  Optional:  Add honey and lemon to help ease syptoms