Gardeners Latin


alata Wing like latifolius Broad leaf
alatus Wing like maximus Large
alba White maxima Large
albus White maximum Large
Allium Onion of Garlic like moschata Musky
annua Annual odorata Scented
annus Annual odoratum Scented
annuum Annual odoratus Scented
atropurpurea Purple officinale Medicinal
atrosanguinea Blood red officinalis Medicinal
barbatus Barbed or bearded oleracea Edible
Brassica Cabbage like pepo Sun ripened
campestris Growing in fields perennis Living more than 2 years
caudatus With a tail pratense Growing in meadows
chinesis From China purpurea Purple
cordifolia Heart shaped rapa Turnip like
cordatus Heart shaped retans Creeping (runners)
Curcurbita Melon like repens Creeping (runners)
dentara Toothed rubra Red
digitalis Like fingers or a hand sanguineum Blood red
edulis Edible sativa Cultivated
elegans Elegant sativum Cultivated
erecta Upright sativus Cultivated
erectus Upright sinatum Wavy margined
esculentum Edible sinuata Wavy margined
explodens Tends to go bang Solanum Sun like and round
frutescens Shrub-like spicata Spiked
gongylodes Knob like sylvestris From the woods
grandiflorum Large flowers tinctoria Dyed
grandiflorus Large flowers tinctorius Dyed
graveolens Strong smelling tinctus Dyed
Impatiens Impatient umbellata Umbrella like
japonica From Japan viridis Green
japoncum From Japan viridiflora Green
juncea Rush like vulgare Common
latifolium Broad leafed vulgaris Common
latifolia Broad Leafed