Table mushrooms

Agaricus bisporus

Compost is prepared over 2-4 weeks put into bags with mushroom culture 9spawn) for 10-14 days 4-5 cm layer of moist soil placed over top.  mushrooms in 2-4 weeks.  crop every 2-3 weeks for about 3 months

compost usually a mix of straw and horse or poultry manure.  start wet and turn every 4-7 days.  after 14 days taken apart and rebuilt with gypsum sprinkled every 20-30cm.  7 days later bagged.

spawn grains are sprinkled on top and shaken in every 5-10cm as compost is packed in bag.

once bag is full top is folded over and is left in a shady spot.

fluffy white culture grows ont he top

place casing soil on top (soil taken from about 20cm down or a mix of soil/peat/lime/pumice.  needs to be crumbly and moist.  5cm pressed on surface.


Oyster mushrooms

Pleurotus pulmonarius

straw is soaked 2-3 days then drained.

spawn is mixed through.

after 2-3 weeks mushrooms grow from slits cut in bag

flushes 2-4 weeks for 2-3 months

wet straw and drain after 72 hours.  add spawn and shake

crosses cut in bag at 10-15cm

place in shady spot.

Mushrooms should be ready in a couple of weeks


Shiitake mushrooms

Lentinula edodes

Logs or prunings from oak, poplar, beech, birch or tawa are used to propogate Shiitake mushrooms

The logs are cut after the leaves have dropped.  Small holes (9mm) are drilled in the timber 15-25cm apart and a wooden spawn dowel is tapped in.  Melted candle wax is placed over the end to protect the end.  Prop the logs in a shady spot e.g. under a tree or in a shade house and mater to maintain humidity.  Allow the bark to dry between watering.

it can take 6 to 18 months for the mushrooms to appear then fruit two to six weeks apart.


Burgundy mushrooms

Stopharia rugosoannulata

Spawn is placed under leaf of wood mulch in the garden.  Culture will establish itself in moist warm weather.

The mushrooms will fruit beyond the point of inoculation responding to temperature and moisture changes.

it is possible to cultivate these throughout the year with careful watering and shade.