Bartowich (Parsley)

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Petroselinum crispum var tuberosum

Quick Reference

Optimum Soil Temperature 10-25°
Days to Germination 14
Days to Harvest 95
Direct Sow or Transplant Direct
Distance Apart 10cm
Soil pH 4.5-7.5
Annual/Biennial /Perennial  Biennial but grown as an annual


Also known as Hamburg Parsley, Root Parsley, Tuberous Parsley, Dutch Parsley,

The first written instance of Bartowich (parsley root)  was in a Dutch cookbook in the 15th Century, then in Hamburg, Germany in the middle of the 16th Century.

Bartowich is a flat leafed parsley – the top has a stronger slightly bitter flavour but can be used as a garnish.  The root is around 15-25 cm long and has a nutty flavour.  It can be roasted, sauteed, made into soup, or grated raw into salad


Likes a well dug free draining soil and full sun.

The root will taste better after the plant has been exposed to a few frosts.

Storing harvested Bartowich: Store as for carrots

Seed Saving: Plant flowers and forms seeds in the second year

Seed Life:  5 years

Fun Facts

High in Vitamin C and Iron, but also high in Sodium

Companion Planting

AsparagusBeans, Chervil, Mints, Roses, Tomatoes

NEVER Lettuce, Mint