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Sustainable Ewe favourites:

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Optimum Soil Temperature
Days to Germination
Days to Harvest
Direct Sow or Transplant
Distance Apart
Soil pH
Annual/Biennial /Perennial 


good source of vitamin a, b6, c, e and other good stuff

Modern NZ kumara is not developed from the strain that came with the Moari but rather from and American variety brought by whalers

long hot growing season important.

also soil preparation

6 months of growing time in light fertile soil with a firm base

sand to help hold warmth

do not grow in the sdame spot for three years

available in red (creamy firm), gold (smooth and mellow) and orange (sweetest firmest)

grow shoots in September/october from previous years crop

7-15 shoots from each parent tuber

bury the tuber in moist soil a few centimeters down.  when they have a few rootlets carefully detactch them and plant.

when planting tipu ( young shoot) roots face eastwards on a hillock.  earth up to the base leaf on the plant

water 2 or 3 times first week.  Excess watering will encourage excess frowth of greenery

earth up hillocks (puke)

when greenery gets out of control clip back by about 1 third.

rock walls and brush fences will encourage heat.

tubers really take off in the last two months of growing

harvest before frosts.  Leave them in sun for a few days to harden skins.  treat gently as they bruise easily.  stor in a cook dark place.



Storing harvested [name]:Seed Saving:



Fun Facts



Nematodes – galls on roots – poor growth. Practice crop rotation (three years)

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