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Sustainable Ewe favourites:

Quick Reference

Optimum Soil Temperature
Days to Germination
Days to Harvest
Direct Sow or Transplant
Distance Apart
Soil pH
Annual/Biennial /Perennial 


Hardy – can handle everything up to and including snow

member of allium family.  fairly disease and pest resistant  Originating in central Asia before being adapted to various climates

Romans took leeks with them as they expanded their empite  Struggle in sandy or humus depleted soil.  When sowing seed firm the soil well as leeks like to fully encased.  Water in well.

Thin to 12-15cm apart and transplant the thinnings  Hill soil around the leeks for longer, whiter stalks.  Apply liquid fertiliser.

young leeks are tender and their flavour delicate.  Older chunkier leeks are perfect for soups as not only do they add flavour and texture but help thicken the dish.

In Waloes in 640AD soliders wore leeks in their bonnets to disguise their ranks.

Great in soups and stews, prefers long slow cooking  cold resistant  Can be sown spring through autumn  Seeds germinate readily.  Cna transplant or sew directly – firm ground down to make sure seeds are in close contact with soil.  Keep moist and weed free

Transplanting plant out 15cm aaprt.  Plant seedlings to a depth of about 2/3rd their length  Like friable soil, rich in organic matter.

Do well in clay based soil, not in sandy soil  Keep moist, do not do well in drought  Keep weed free  Flush well before cooking to remove grit.


Storing harvested [name]:
Seed Saving:



Fun Facts


Downy Mildew – Grey or purple spots on leaves. Leaves appear pitted. Usually occurs in wet weather. Improve air circulation and drainage.Heavy top growth/Leaf droop – Too much Nitrogen or manure.

Soft Bulbs – Excess Nitrogen

Botrytis, grey mould – soft roots with grey or brown mould – more common in storage) Store in dry well ventilated conditions.

Bulbs split at base – heavy rain or watering after a prolonged dry spell. Water frequently in dry weather.

Bolting/Running to seed – seed sown at the wrong time. Sow correct variety at the correct time.


Thrips – blotched silver, grey or white. Leaves may deform in severe cases. More common in dry weather. Keep garden weeded. Keep plants well watered

Companion Planting

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