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Optimum Soil Temperature
Days to Germination
Days to Harvest
Direct Sow or Transplant
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Soil pH
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Allium cepa (formerly Allium ascalonicum)

Also know as scallions

Propogated from laterals (cloves) similar to garlic

Likes potash

each clove of a shallot should produce seven or more cloves

space 12cm

Plant on shortest day

do not like weeds and competition

Tops wellwilt as bulbs mature.  once died down can be harvested.

Lay upside down to allow bulbs to dry out.  Can get sunburn so airy spot out of direct sun

Store by stringing or in and onion bag ina cool dry place where air can circulate around bags.

Poassibly one of the longest keeping of the onion family.


Plant in friable, fertile ground  Lightly mulch to minimise weeding

Leaves (spikes) can be cut and used in soups like a chive)

take about 7 months to grow


Storing harvested [name]:Seed Saving:



Fun Facts


Thrips – Blothched silver, grey or white. Leaves may deform in severe cases. More common in dry weather. Keep garden weeded. Keep plants well watered
Downy Mildew – Grey or purple spots on leaves. Leaves appear pitted. Usually occurs in wet weather. Improve air circulation and drainage.
Heavy top growth/Leaf droop – Too much Nitrogen or manure.
Soft Bulbs – Excess Nitrogen
Onions do not store well – Excessive moisture. Plant long keeping varieties such as Pukekohe Long Keeper. Ensure plants are dried before storage.
Thick nexks in mature onions – Excess Nitrogen. Planted too deep. Transplanted too late. Dry soil early in growth period. Plant out before seedling exceeds 6mm in width.
Soft roots with grey or brown mould – more common in storage)
Botrytis, grey mould – Store in dry well ventalated conditions.
Bulbs split at base – heavy rain or watering after a prolonged dry spell. Water frequently in dry weather.
Bolting/Running to seed – seed sown at the wrong time. Sow correct variety at the correct time.


Companion Planting

Beets, Cabbages, Carrots, Leeks, Lettuce, Marjoram, Parsley, Parsnip, Roses, Silverbeet, Strawberries, Tomatoes

NEVER Beans, Broad Beans, Bush Beans, Climbing Beans,