Soil Deficiencies – What your Plant is Trying to Tell You

 Element   Use in Plant  Signs of Deficiency  Appears  
Calcium Ca Needed for cell walls, roots, leaves, pollination and fruit set. Younger leaves are distorted.  Leaves may appear corrugated

Leaves more frail – will break before they bend

Leaves are more erect or upright than usual

Leaf margins curl downward (as the margins grow slower than the rest of the leaf)

More prone to wilting

In severe cases leaves may not develop at all – just the stem of the leaf (petiole).

Dead (necrotic) areas on fast growing leaves

Blossom end rot on Tomatoes

Tip Burn on Lettuces

On younger leaves first.
Nitrogen N
Phosphorus P
Copper Cu
Iron Fe
Zinc Zn
Manganese Mn
Potassium K
Magnesium Mg