Choose your spot – a sunny wall or fence

Strong wire 2.5mm galvanised high tensile spaces 40-50cm apart

or a trellis

for small apple esp. look for an M9 rootstock

larget MM106

pear – chose a quince C or quince EMH rootstock


You must prune every summer and winter to be successful.

use string or plastic ties to hold shoots in place

Year 1

Winter – plant the tree

cut back main stem to just above first wire make sure there are several stong bugs just below the cut


tie bamboo stakes to shoots and angle at 45 degrees to main trunk

cut back any lower shoots

Year 2


tie 45 degee stakes to horizontal.  Tie in place.

cut back by about 1/3 to a downward facing bud

cut back central shoot to just above the second wire.

remove any excess shoots at base


as with year 1 summer on second wire.cut back any exces shoots