Variety Fruits Information
Anatoki Very Early Large, Sweet
Apollo Mid to late season Medium to large, vigorous, productive, 2.5m tall.  Smei self-fertile
Bambina  Dwarf variety with edible skin.  Can be grown in a pot.  Needs a pollinator
Kaiteri Very Early Large, Sweet, fast growing.  Needs a pollinator
Kakapo Mid Medium
Kakariki Very Early Large, Sweet
Mammoth Large soft round to oval fruit.  Wrinkled skin.  Strong growing tree.  up to 3m tall.  Needs a pollinator
Opal Star Late Medium
Pounamu Early Medium
Sellowiana Late Original variety.  Open habit.  Medium sized fruit.  Self fertile
Triumph Late Medium.  Medium to large oval fruit.  firm skin.  Juicy.  Goof pollinator for mammoth.  needs a pollinator
Unique Early Self Fertile.  prolific fruiter.  Medium sized fruit
Wiki Tu Late Small tree, Large fruit


Feijoa grown from seed are generally bushier and therefore better for hedging

Some varieties are self fertile, others require pollen from another variety to fruit.  Pollen is transfered by birds such as thrushes and blackbirds.

Prune/trim after it has finished fruiting.