Around 150 species of Guavas

originaltes from tropical Americas

Psidium guajava – yellow fruited, known as tropical guava

Originates in Mexico and Central America.

Can live in areas with frost.

Choose a sheltered sunny spot

Grows to 2m-5m high.

Rich in vitamin C.  Does not keep well once ripe.

Psidium littorale var longipes – Red Cherry Guava.  Small compact tree to 2m.  Has been in NZ since before 1883.  Prune in early spring (before flowering) to maintain and even shape and size.

Does well as a container plant

Tougher the P. guajava.  Will tolerate more frost

Well drained soil and full sun.  Reasonably drought hardy.

High nitrogen fertiliser in spring and summer

Fruit forms on new season growth.