Like cold winters and mild summers

soil – free draining fertile

site – sunny, sheltered

Pollination – some are self fertile, most require pollinating

Watering – water well when young and when fruiting if the period is dry

Spray – wintr oil and copper.  Copper spray in spring at bud

fruit – different varieties fruit and different times but generally mid summer to autumn/

grow well in sunny sheltered spot.

need a warm summer for fruit to ripen

more adaptable in warmer more humid conditions than apples

tolerate temp to -20

spring frosts can kill blossoms at -1C

pears should be picked while still hard.  lift slightly and they should come away easily. store at room temp for several days until they have soften and sweetened

February March April May
  • Bartlett
  • Belle du Jumet
  • Starkrimson
  • Morettini Early
  • Red Bartlett
  • Williams’ Bon Cretien
  • Beurre Bosc
  • Conference
  • Doyenne du Comice
  • Garden Belle
  • Packham’s Triumph
  • Seckel
  • Taylor’s Gold
  • Concorde
  • Winter Cole
  • Winter Nelis


January February March
  • Hayatama
  • Kosui
  • Hosui
  • Dan Bae
  • Nijisseiki