Late autum early winter crop

genus Diospyros – Diospyros kaki

originating in Chine and Japan

Cultivated in japan for more than 1400 years they have more than 1000 different cultivars

Fuyu is a cultivar that can be eaten crisp

All persimmons have tannic acid in their flesh which makes them astringent.  Most varieties loose this as they ripen.

Easy to grow, not fussy about soil conditions

Fertiliste in later winter and early summer with low nitrogen fertiliser.

Grafted trees should bear fruit in 3-4 years

14m in wild, but ususally only grow to around 6m.  Pruning should be light.  Remove any branches that touch each other and keep center open.  Thinning fruit may be necessary

Net tree against birds.

Fuyu can be picked when orange, leave others to ripen fully.

Once picked leave till soft, almost gelatinous

To hasten ripening place in a plastic bag with one apple per eight fruit for three to sewven days.

Fruit size and shape will vary according to cultivar.