Juglans regia

high in minerals, Vitamin A, B and some C as well as 15-20 trace elements.  Omega 3

Prefer silty soils with good drainage to a depth of 2m.  Like high nitrogen and phosphorous for fertility as well as boron (without boron new growth will be distorted and pollination will be poor)

Susceptible to blight  This can be controlled by copper spray

Can grow to 15m high.

Flower in spring

Self pollinatring

Pruning is not necessary, however if you do want to cut any crossed branches this should be done before spring when the sap starts to rise as walnuts can ‘bleed’ copiously.


After 6 or 7 years yield should be a kilos of nuts.  After 12 years 60 to 80 kilos


Store unshelled.  They will keep for many months