May Gardening 2

May gardening.

Normally …..Is there such a thing!!! There wouldn’t be a lot happening in the garden this month. Hopefully all your empty garden beds are mulched or covered with a green crop, most of your fruit will be harvested and sauces, pickling and bottling done, or produce frozen or dehydrated. The lucky ones are enjoying their feijoa harvests and have winter vegetables well established for picking…kale , silver beet, carrots, parsnip, beetroot and brassicas to name a few. And you would be starting to enjoy some lovely rich winter soups made from the fruits of your labours…Yum.

But alas while the last couple of days have shown us a taste of winter we are still hard at work watering (for those lucky enough like us to have the water) and on top of that still having to harvest tomatoes!!!!!Bizarre.. But that’s gardening for you unpredictable, and not likely to improve with climate change .be prepared and be observant. Happy gardening.

Just showing off

Just showing off