My favourite time of year!

The plum tree is plumming!  So much so that I posted “FREE PLUMS” on an on-line group on Facebook and had a variety of folks come and pick their own.  It was brilliant fun, and I met some neat people who were like-minded, so many ideas swapped! (So much to do on the website!)  Offering the excess fruit to people who did not have trees, and so soon after Christmas when budgets are tight was brilliant.  It felt good.  I will definitely do this in years to come.


Over four kilos of beans have so far been picked, packed and frozen.  (This in spite of my habit of sitting out there eating them fresh … NOM NOM NOM butter beans!)  And they keep coming, not only will we be having beans all winter but I am hoping to keep some back for seeds.




After a successful Womble just after Christmas (three trailer loads of pallets) I have started work on a bookcase for my daughter (it’s huge)  and a dining room sideboard.

And finally I have been researching Bokashi, such an exciting idea!  (If you haven’t – check it out!).  I’m now planning to redesign my gardens so I can Bokashi easily!