Root Crop Storage

Only Store bug free, unblemished vegetables

Do not store in plastic.

Store in garage or laundry where it is cool and dark, well ventilated.

Hessian Potato sacks or onion bags are ideal.


Can be left in the soil over winter if the ground does not become waterlogged or boggy.

To harvest gently dig up.

Discard anything too small.  Remove excess soil.  Store in a dark cool position in a hessian sack.


Leave yams in the ground until tops die down.  Ideally after some frosts.  The sudden cold converts starches to sugars enhancing rthe flavour.  Cooler temperatures toughen skins.  Harvest with a fork and store as for potatoes.  Any left in will reprout next season.


The longer in the ground the better.  Hrvest when crown is 10cm before it becomes woody.  Lift, wash excess soil off, store as for potatoes.  or blanch and freeze.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Harvest once stems die down.  Make sure you get them all as they will repropogate and spread!  Store as for potatotes


Harvest once the leaves start to die down.  Dig as you would for potatoes but leave on top of the soil to dry for a few days.  Store as for potatoes.

Other Root Crops

Carrots, beetroot best lifted and washed and used.

Swedes, turnips and celeriac swell and sweeten in the coldest months.  Harvest and use these crops whenever.  In spring they will bolt and loose flavour.