Waterglassing Eggs

In winter our girls go from egg (Breakfast Bum Nutt) production units to out and out FREELOADERS.  Which means no eggs for us!

SO!  This is how we can make use of our glut in summer, and not have to (ERK!) pay for eggs in winter

What you’ll need:

Depending on how many eggs you have – I Only have one laying chook at the moment so an AGEE QUEEN jar is what I am using.  If you have a lot of eggs you might want to think about a food grade bucket with a lid.

Fresh UNWASHED and CLEAN laid eggs.  NOT store brought ones!  (These have been washed and are not suitable)

  • A large(ish) jar or food grade bucket with a well fitting lid.
  • A second jar/bucket for making up your water/lime mix
  • Dehydrated or ‘slaked’ lime. (You can get this online,  Mitre 10 has it in the gardening section as ‘compost conditioner’ – and that works just as well)
  • Water.  Use water I have boiled and cooled.  NOT tap water.






How it works.   (I do dumb stuff so you don’t have to!)

MIX:  Your ratio of 1 litre of distilled water with 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of lime in a jar/bucket.

Place eggs in second jar.  Pour your mix over.

NOTE:  You can also start with a few eggs at a time and top up with the water/lime mix as needed.  Really handy if you are collecting eggs to the waterglass one egg a day!

DO NOT make the water mix and then add the eggs…because water displacement REALLY is a thing and it gets messy fast! …AND then you have to clean the kitchen bench while swearing…

Once you have the jar/bucket full seal and put it away in a cool dark place with the rest of your preserves.

USED ALL YOUR EGGS?  DO NOT DISCARD THE WATER!  You can reuse the water for your next bunch of eggs (as long as you have not had any eggs break or go bad in the previous lot)