Some of the ideas on this page  will save you time, some will take a little time or planning.  Some will cost a little more, some will save you a fortune.

My advice:  Choose a couple, make them part of your routine, then choose a couple more.    Start with the ones that work best for you and your family.

How you can reduce waste
  • Are you composting as much as you can? (Check out our list of what can be composted)
  • When you buy from the deli/bulk bins/butcher – take your own packaging
  • Use your own reusable shopping bags
  • Use tulle or string bags for vegetables
  • Use beeswax wraps or paper instead of cling film
  • Buy electrical goods and household items that come with a lifetime warranty.  (They may cost a little more but in the long run you will save!)
  • Buy in bulk where possible – and put it in your own containers.
  • Buy items such as coffee, spreads et cetera in reusable glass jars where possible
  • Take your own travel mug to the cafe
  • Take your own containers to get the takeaways/cafe food
  • Make the kids lunch snacks to avoid individually wrapped bars and biscuits.  This is healthier and cheaper – Check out some great snack ideas here and some easy recipes here
  • Use a zero waste lunchbox for your kids
  • Use cloth nappies or nappy pants (you will save a fortune!)
  • Line your rubbish bin with newspaper.
  • Lead the charge – tell retailers you do not want plastic packaging, straws, plastic lids et cetera on your takeaway coffee.
  • Make your own personal care items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo
Before you throw that thing away have you considered…
  • Selling it on TradeMe
  • Selling or giving it away on Facebook groups (Online Garage Sales, Sustainable Ewe)
  • Second Hand Sunday (February each year)
  • Donating to Hospice Shop
  • Donating to the SPCA Shop
  • Books, Games and Jigsaws – Lions Bookarama
  • Sheets, Towels, Newspapers – The SPCA Shelter
  • Old white ware – Scrap metal merchants or take to the transfer station (for FREE)