Beeswax Wraps – Iron Method


Made by Eryn at the Workshop July 2018


  • Pinking Shears
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Baking paper
  • Beeswax (grated)
  • Iron
  • An old towel or sheet



(In this method I work on less is more – preferring to use less wax and aim for no over-runs {there may be some point in time when I actually need to use the iron to… I don’t know, iron clothes or something} and I don’t want it covered in wax.)


Cut your cotton to size using the pinking shears (this stops fraying).  Aim for a size that will fit within the baking paper. (We used 32cm squares)

Lay out the old towel/sheet, a sheet of baking paper, your fabric.

Plug your iron in on HOT Cotton/Linen setting.

Spread the fabric with grated wax.  Try to get right to the edges

Cover with a second sheet of baking paper. (I found it helpful to write “THIS SIDE UP” on the top baking paper sheet so that if removing it and replacing it you know which way down the waxed side is!)

Run the iron over the baking paper until the wax has melted.

You will notice if there are spots you have missed when you remove the top layer of baking paper. NO PROBLEM!  Sprinkle wax over those bits, replace your baking paper (waxy side down) and iron again.




If need be (like me) you find the edges tricky – you can fold the wrap over, wax that bit, put your paper back on and iron along the seam)


The final product should be a perfectly permeated parchment!


  • Too little wax on your fabric:  Simply add more wax and reheat
  • Too much wax on your fabric:  Simply use a second piece of fabric to blot up the excess, then after removing the first piece (once the excess wax has been removed) the second piece can be finished by adding a little more wax (if required)
  • Wraps can be molded around the top of bowls etc for storage in the fridge (simply use the heat of your hands)
  • Perfect for sandwiches, cheese, plate/bowl covers however DO NOT store meat using your wraps (as they can not be washed in hot water)
  • Want to get crafty?  Sew your wraps into handy pouches for slipping into kids lunchboxes!  Or make circular wraps and add elastic for bowl covers!

For a printable PDF of these instructions please click here Beeswax Wraps – Iron Method

Teaching notes for running a Beeswax Wrap/Tulle Bag workshop are available here Teacher Resource